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AU - 5/29/15 2:36 AM
lavahlight: not crediting?
US - 5/29/15 2:36 AM
AU - 5/29/15 2:37 AM
lavahlight: sorry to hear...
AU - 5/29/15 2:37 AM
lavahlight: i guess ask a moderator when they are on
US - 5/29/15 2:37 AM
ja8song: yea it happens
AU - 5/29/15 2:38 AM
lavahlight: sometimes stuff doesnt credit for me either
US - 5/29/15 2:38 AM
ja8song: i submitted a ticket but not sure what good it would do
5/29/15 2:39 AM
RewardingWays: Mountaineer has completed Say So for Good Survey - USA worth $1.10.
AU - 5/29/15 2:39 AM
lavahlight: doesnt hurt to ask i guess, i dont know?
AU - 5/29/15 2:40 AM
lavahlight: if it was in an offer wall you could justcontact them but its some worldwide offer
5/29/15 2:40 AM
RewardingWays: jasonyump has completed Research Project - Employed Consumer Study worth $1.20.
AU - 5/29/15 2:41 AM
lavahlight: maybe clear your cookies and stuff i dont think it would do anything but wouldnt hurt to try
5/29/15 2:42 AM
RewardingWays: lavahlight has completed SSI Daily Survey (Worldwide) worth $0.54.
AU - 5/29/15 2:42 AM
lavahlight: but you have probably already done that idk
US - 5/29/15 2:43 AM
ja8song: yea i been doin this 2 years now i know all the methods
AU - 5/29/15 2:43 AM
lavahlight: 2 years!!! i wish i had known about this site back then
US - 5/29/15 2:43 AM
Mountaineer: @ja8song - Yjem just wait till admin replies to your ticket
US - 5/29/15 2:44 AM
Mountaineer: then lol
US - 5/29/15 2:44 AM
ja8song: ok i submitt3d it just waiting for response
US - 5/29/15 2:44 AM
Mountaineer: sorry typing in dark:-p
5/29/15 2:45 AM
RewardingWays: yunhui has completed Your-Surveys Daily Survey Router China worth $0.51.
AU - 5/29/15 2:45 AM
lavahlight: get a light up keyboard mountaineer lol joking
US - 5/29/15 2:45 AM
ja8song: i know for sure i completed it i got blank screen with survey completion message
US - 5/29/15 2:46 AM
ja8song: currently we can't see a successful completion on the stats. You may want to check with us again in 24 hours in case there has been a delay in crediting and we'll check again.
US - 5/29/15 2:48 AM
ja8song: lol oh well i give up
AU - 5/29/15 2:48 AM
lavahlight: oh have hope, it might credit. but there are other things to do
AU - 5/29/15 2:49 AM
lavahlight: strange i say that because if something doesnt credit for me i just shrug my shoulders and... oh well
US - 5/29/15 2:50 AM
ja8song: yea i am just gonna do another survey
5/29/15 2:52 AM
RewardingWays: lavahlight has just earned $1.04 in CASH.
US - 5/29/15 2:53 AM
ja8song: lavahlight send some of that cash my way lol
AU - 5/29/15 2:54 AM
AU - 5/29/15 2:55 AM
5/29/15 2:58 AM
RewardingWays: xcashx has just earned $6.76 in CASH.
5/29/15 3:19 AM
RewardingWays: xan11 has completed GTM Daily Survey - AUS worth $1.30.
PH - 5/29/15 3:24 AM
aijrateologo: Please Enter Required Information In This Box , what information do i put in? im sossy im just new here
PH - 5/29/15 3:24 AM
5/29/15 3:26 AM
RewardingWays: yunhui has completed Offer #0 worth 30 points.
PK - 5/29/15 3:27 AM
jamiyattulaba: how to work
PK - 5/29/15 3:27 AM
jamiyattulaba: plz tell me help me
5/29/15 3:31 AM
RewardingWays: Mountaineer has completed Samplicious Daily Survey USA worth $1.25.
US - 5/29/15 3:32 AM
US - 5/29/15 3:33 AM
Mountaineer: @aijrateologo - We stopped accepting new member submitted PTS adverts a few months ago and this section will be removed permanently from the site on 31st May 2015.
PK - 5/29/15 3:37 AM
jamiyattulaba: paid to click offer avelable
5/29/15 3:38 AM
RewardingWays: yunhui has completed Wannads worth 46.2 points.
US - 5/29/15 3:39 AM
PK - 5/29/15 3:41 AM
jamiyattulaba: daily offer how to work on this plz tell me i cant work bcz i dnt knw how to work
PH - 5/29/15 3:41 AM
aijrateologo: what else can i work on if pts is not available?
US - 5/29/15 3:42 AM
5/29/15 3:46 AM
RewardingWays: yunhui has completed Wannads worth 37.8 points.
5/29/15 3:46 AM
RewardingWays: yunhui has completed Your Surveys (INTL) worth $0.50.
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