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5/25/15 2:16 AM
RewardingWays: MegGirl15 has completed VIP Voice Survey US worth 123 points.
5/25/15 2:20 AM
RewardingWays: MegGirl15 has completed Quote Rocket US worth 44.4 points.
AU - 5/25/15 2:29 AM
xan11: meg <3
US - 5/25/15 2:30 AM
AU - 5/25/15 2:32 AM
xan11: meg do you have aim
AU - 5/25/15 2:34 AM
AU - 5/25/15 2:35 AM
5/25/15 2:36 AM
RewardingWays: manda_test has completed Oprah Freebies Sweep worth $0.90.
US - 5/25/15 2:36 AM
US - 5/25/15 2:39 AM
Temp Banned
zombiepet: @xan11 - already sent admin a ticket :)
5/25/15 2:51 AM
RewardingWays: lavahlight has completed GlobalTestMarket - Daily - AUS worth $1.20.
AU - 5/25/15 2:53 AM
xan11: i think it is fair that i re add the ban to zombie for a brakeing a rule thank you
US - 5/25/15 2:55 AM
ja8song: what did he do
AU - 5/25/15 2:55 AM
xan11: i am fair to everyone on the site i love to help but i do not like when someone is trolling me or trying to scary me in anyway
US - 5/25/15 2:55 AM
MegGirl15: zombie is a she
AU - 5/25/15 2:55 AM
xan11: @ja8song - her and meg where trolling me
US - 5/25/15 2:56 AM
MegGirl15: @xan11 - ooo so u hate me now :(
US - 5/25/15 2:56 AM
MegGirl15: ill leave then i am so sorry:(
US - 5/25/15 2:56 AM
ja8song: oh lol how did they do that
AU - 5/25/15 2:56 AM
xan11: @MegGirl15 - well meg you did upset me when you told me them things
US - 5/25/15 2:57 AM
MegGirl15: ok ill leave now sorry ill just find a new site i guess now im sad
AU - 5/25/15 2:57 AM
xan11: no you
AU - 5/25/15 2:57 AM
xan11: stay
AU - 5/25/15 2:58 AM
xan11: like i told you meg i am not that mad at you
US - 5/25/15 2:58 AM
ja8song: i didnt know women knew how to use computers
US - 5/25/15 2:58 AM
ja8song: lol jk
AU - 5/25/15 2:58 AM
AU - 5/25/15 2:59 AM
xan11: no come on guys don't be like that
AU - 5/25/15 2:59 AM
xan11: i know she is just jokeing
US - 5/25/15 3:00 AM
ja8song: h8w did this women troll you
JM - 5/25/15 3:00 AM
chadrick2010: xan11 why you running away your workers
AU - 5/25/15 3:01 AM
xan11: i am not
AU - 5/25/15 3:01 AM
xan11: well me and meg are good friends but today zombie wanted to troll me and tell me that meg was her girlfriend
JM - 5/25/15 3:01 AM
chadrick2010: i think you are a harsh mod or you just like playing
JM - 5/25/15 3:02 AM
AU - 5/25/15 3:02 AM
xan11: nope i am fair
US - 5/25/15 3:02 AM
ja8song: so meg and zombie are both females?
ID - 5/25/15 3:02 AM
farhan2712: why all my reward pending?
AU - 5/25/15 3:03 AM
xan11: yep
US - 5/25/15 3:03 AM
ja8song: **** action very nice :0
US - 5/25/15 3:04 AM
AU - 5/25/15 3:04 AM
xan11: @farhan2712 - did you complete the offer
ID - 5/25/15 3:04 AM
US - 5/25/15 3:04 AM
ja8song: ce sorship
AU - 5/25/15 3:04 AM
xan11: and why i am kind of upset is i like meg girl very much and i do not think she knows that
US - 5/25/15 3:05 AM
ja8song: how old are you
JM - 5/25/15 3:06 AM
chadrick2010: i thought this was a a money making site i didnt know it was dating too
US - 5/25/15 3:06 AM
AU - 5/25/15 3:07 AM
xan11: nope it is not for dating i like her coz she is allways happy to see me
5/25/15 3:07 AM
RewardingWays: pym1 has completed Your Surveys (INTL) worth $0.50.
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