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IN - 3/27/15 8:28 AM
AZ - 3/27/15 8:37 AM
AZ - 3/27/15 8:37 AM
Goodtime12345: ((((help me please((((
AZ - 3/27/15 8:37 AM
Goodtime12345: I am cant earn money((((
IN - 3/27/15 8:37 AM
sumitdeb: What happened?
AZ - 3/27/15 8:38 AM
Goodtime12345: I can only wiew ads(paid to click) but here no ptc
IN - 3/27/15 8:38 AM
sumitdeb: You are from which country?
AZ - 3/27/15 8:38 AM
Goodtime12345: sorry( I am not perfect speak english
AZ - 3/27/15 8:38 AM
Goodtime12345: i am living in
AZ - 3/27/15 8:38 AM
Goodtime12345: Azerbaijan
AZ - 3/27/15 8:39 AM
Goodtime12345: i can earn money here or no? But I wany only Ptc becouse its easy
AZ - 3/27/15 8:40 AM
AZ - 3/27/15 8:40 AM
Goodtime12345: ok....Bye(
IN - 3/27/15 8:40 AM
sumitdeb: Ya its easy but pays off very less money
AZ - 3/27/15 8:41 AM
Goodtime12345: Can I earn 1 dollar today?
AZ - 3/27/15 8:41 AM
Goodtime12345: Its impossible or?
IN - 3/27/15 8:42 AM
sumitdeb: If you really wanna make money take surveys...
IN - 3/27/15 8:42 AM
sumitdeb: Surveys pays off well
AZ - 3/27/15 8:43 AM
Goodtime12345: What can I do?please say I can click earn money or offers?
IN - 3/27/15 8:44 AM
sumitdeb: Or else its even better if you can refer your friends to join this site and earn. Then you will get 25% of what they earn for life
AZ - 3/27/15 8:44 AM
Goodtime12345: ok thanks
AZ - 3/27/15 8:45 AM
Goodtime12345: good bye!)thanks you
IN - 3/27/15 8:45 AM
sumitdeb: welcome =)
IN - 3/27/15 8:46 AM
sumitdeb: And ya to answer your previous question, click earn money and take daily surveys
US - 3/27/15 8:47 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - hmmm-intersted inaMod position? pays well:-p
IN - 3/27/15 8:48 AM
sumitdeb: Sure I'm always there to help =)=)
US - 3/27/15 8:49 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - what time is it there?
IN - 3/27/15 8:51 AM
sumitdeb: Its 6:21 p.m here
US - 3/27/15 9:00 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - Hi, I recommend above as a Moderator. Actions in the lobby assisting members warrant this during current Moderators downtime.
US - 3/27/15 9:02 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - expect being a Mod next day or so
US - 3/27/15 9:03 AM
IN - 3/27/15 9:04 AM
sumitdeb: So you want me to assist members. Ok cool but at what time.
US - 3/27/15 9:05 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - just assisst as you have done
US - 3/27/15 9:05 AM
Mountaineer: Great Work!
IN - 3/27/15 9:05 AM
sumitdeb: I need to know at what times I should be online... What are the vacant timings that you want me to cover up?
US - 3/27/15 9:06 AM
Mountaineer: @sumitdeb - just when you arehere making $$
IN - 3/27/15 9:07 AM
sumitdeb: Ok cool. I surely will.
3/27/15 9:08 AM
RewardingWays: yoyo73 has completed Your Surveys (INTL) worth $0.50.
3/27/15 9:19 AM
RewardingWays: tlyle89t has completed MyThoughtCounts - USA (long version) worth $1.50.
3/27/15 9:34 AM
RewardingWays: renatopadua has just earned $2.72 in CASH.
3/27/15 10:23 AM
RewardingWays: Dranbolt has completed Your Surveys (INTL) worth $0.50.
3/27/15 10:24 AM
RewardingWays: sokon has completed Offer #0 worth 10 points.
3/27/15 10:39 AM
3/27/15 10:40 AM
RewardingWays: sokon has just earned $1.29 in CASH.
3/27/15 10:43 AM
RewardingWays: PigsInSpace has completed OfferToro worth 450 points.
3/27/15 10:46 AM
RewardingWays: PigsInSpace has just earned $4.50 in CASH.
3/27/15 10:51 AM
RewardingWays: getatme has completed MyThoughtCounts - USA (long version) worth $1.50.
3/27/15 10:58 AM
RewardingWays: ans46 has completed Matomy Money worth 21 points.
US - 3/27/15 11:22 AM
NucknFuts: Mods get paid?
3/27/15 11:35 AM
RewardingWays: octobermitch has completed Super Rewards worth 28 points.
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