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At RewardingWays, we'll reward you for referring new members by paying you 25% of everything that your referrals earn... FOR LIFE! For example, if a person that you refer completes a $4 survey, you will automatically be credited $1.

This is one of the simplest ways to make money online at RewardingWays and allows you earn a passive income.

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How Do I Refer People Using My Referral Link?

Firstly, you can find your referral link on our Referral Link & Banners Page.

It's really simple, all you have to do is copy the link provided and send it to whoever you would like to join. Remember - they must use your particular link!

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What Are The Best Ways To Refer People?

Refer Friends and Family

Send emails or use Social Media platforms Eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok.

Create a Blog

Write a post sharing your experiences at RewardingWays and provide tips on the best ways to make money. Let them know how the site works - the better informed they are, the quicker they will start earning.

Use Online Forums or Paid Advertising

There are lots of forums that focus on ways to make money online and from home. Try sharing a post that mentions the earning opportunities available at RewardingWays. Or if you'd like to take this more seriously, then use Paid Advertising on trusted sites.

Create A Youtube Video

Create an informative post to Youtube about how to use RewardingWays. Show viewers how you navigate the site. If they see you actively using the site, this will leave a lasting impression and they are more likely to feel comfortable about joining.

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Why Choose RewardingWays For Paid Surveys?

Having been online since 2009, RewardingWays has vast experience in providing quality online earning opportunities and ensuring a fast and efficient service.

We put our members needs first. Therefore we ensure that we are constantly working hard to provide as many earning opportunities as possible, provide quick support, and even quicker payments.

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BR - 10/6/22 9:22 AM
emer78: @RW - obrigado
US - 10/6/22 9:22 AM
Alwayzntrouble01: @emer78 - hello
10/6/22 9:22 AM
RW: Giathanh747 has just earned $1.40 in CASH.
10/6/22 9:23 AM
RW: bakerbaker19 just earned 137.76 points with Offer #200364374
10/6/22 9:23 AM
RW: Jesscostello1 has just earned $2.02 in CASH.
BR - 10/6/22 9:23 AM
emer78: @Alwayzntrouble01 - olá bom dia aqui do Brasil
10/6/22 9:24 AM
RW: richman00 just earned 60 points with nexusProject1325995
10/6/22 9:24 AM
10/6/22 9:24 AM
RW: emer78 has just earned $1.70 in CASH.
US - 10/6/22 9:24 AM
Alwayzntrouble01: @emer78 - I dont Speak Espanol Only english please read shoutbox rules >
10/6/22 9:25 AM
RW: bakerbaker19 just earned 57 points with Tap Research
10/6/22 9:29 AM
RW: ricktee76 just earned $0.13 with CPX Research
ZA - 10/6/22 9:29 AM
limo_mbatha04: Hey guys ,I’m new here,I would like to know how do I get points?
10/6/22 9:30 AM
10/6/22 9:32 AM
RW: fresh486 just earned 198.9 points with 34330413
10/6/22 9:35 AM
RW: Mwestry2 just earned $1.60 with RevenueWall
10/6/22 9:35 AM
RW: mlangille just earned 229.45 points with 34313101
10/6/22 9:35 AM
RW: whalefish30 just earned 198.9 points with 34352232
10/6/22 9:35 AM
RW: GilmarMoraes123 has just earned $1.11 in CASH.
US - 10/6/22 9:35 AM
fresh486: @limo_mbatha04 - go to a survey panel page and do a survey
10/6/22 9:36 AM
RW: SandraPacheco just earned 18 points with nexusProject1309596
10/6/22 9:36 AM
RW: rmanson just earned 149.5 points with 34139036
US - 10/6/22 9:36 AM
fresh486: i recommend livepaid or yoursurveys
US - 10/6/22 9:36 AM
Alwayzntrouble01: @limo_mbatha04 - Hello your country is limited to what you can do under earn money you have your surveys unlimited for 85Cents that world wide .
10/6/22 9:37 AM
RW: SAISHIV just earned $0.03 with CPX Research
10/6/22 9:37 AM
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10/6/22 9:37 AM
RW: Shantal78543 just earned 611 points with 34310571
10/6/22 9:37 AM
US - 10/6/22 9:37 AM
Alwayzntrouble01: @fresh486 - Good morning Fresh
10/6/22 9:38 AM
RW: DrVC just earned $0.05 with CPX Research
10/6/22 9:38 AM
RW: ALDOHERNAN2015 just earned $0.05 with CPX Research
10/6/22 9:40 AM
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10/6/22 9:42 AM
RW: Joel13 just earned $0.85 with Dynata Daily Surveys USA - $0.85
BR - 10/6/22 9:42 AM
emer78: @Alwayzntrouble01 - hello good morning from Brazil, sorry I spoke in my native language. hugs
US - 10/6/22 9:43 AM
fresh486: @Alwayzntrouble01 - goodmorning trouble!
10/6/22 9:44 AM
10/6/22 9:44 AM
RW: bruceshad just earned 152.75 points with 34290618
US - 10/6/22 9:44 AM
Alwayzntrouble01: @emer78 - its okay Good morning From US hugs What can i help ya with ?
10/6/22 9:45 AM
RW: bakerbaker19 just earned $2.22 with CPX Research
10/6/22 9:45 AM
RW: marycastillo31 just earned 22.1 points with Offer #4981
10/6/22 9:46 AM
RW: marycastillo31 has just earned $1.93 in CASH.
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